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What is an Engipreneur? 
An Engipreneur is an engineer that integrates an entrepreneurial approach to his/her engineering career.  Engineering is a technical field but is actually driven by business-related dynamics. Unfortunately, engineers do not get any kind of practical business or entrepreneurial education in school or even during their early career training years.  To earn a degree in engineering and gain the experience to meet the licensing requirements, all the focus is on technical knowledge and nothing else.  Early career engineers are sadly uneducated in business and entrepreneurship, and are forced to be employees while they gain the credentials to get licensed.
Why Become an Engipreneur? 
Learning to become an Engipreneur is not just about gaining the knowledge and skills to be an engineer and entrepreneur, it's also about taking the steering wheel of your career and potential prosperity.  The typical engineering career path does not give engineers any choice but to be employees and rely on someone else for their livelihood.  This is a real problem because job security does not exist today.  The best job security is to be a key principal, business partner or, ultimately, your own boss.  However, you might think that successfully becoming a principal or starting and operating an engineering related business is too overwhelming and challenging so it stays in your dreams.
The Engipreneur Academy is Born 
The Engipreneur Academy provides the solution to this challenge.  Engineers will be trained and coached by successful Engipreneurs and experienced experts so they can control their career futures and become principals, partners, or company owners.  Why put your career and financial security in the hands of someone else, anyways?  There is no better time in history to be an entrepreneur and there are limitless opportunities for those that have the right training, knowledge, and drive.
The Engipreneur Academy was developed by Joe Sturtevant, a 24 year engineering and entrepreneurial career veteran.  From EIT, to design engineer, to project manager, to engineering firm owner, to real estate developer, to innovative product manager and inventor, Joe has spent over a year creating this revolutionary program to educate, train, and mentor ambitious engineers on how to become Engipreneurs.  

As a driven young engineer fresh out of college, Joe quickly grew frustrated with the standard engineering career path and decided to carve his own way.  It was not an easy path but a very dynamic and uniquely rewarding one.  The knowledge and experience he gained through his years as an entrepreneurial engineer cannot be taught in school or at a university.  

Joe and his team developed the Engipreneur Academy to share his knowledge and experience to show a new and exciting career option for engineers that are driven beyond the standard or typical engineering career path.
The Engipreneur Academy Program
  • $500  
  • The 10 Steps Video/Audio Tutorials (35+ Hours)
  • Downloadable Guides
  • Downloadable Templates 
  • Coaching Sessions
  • Private Facebook Group & Forum
  • Recommended Reading Program
  • Exit Interview & Graduation Certificate 
  • Discounted Bonus Modules 
    Business School 
    • $42,000+ 
    • 40 Credit Hours 
    • Unspecialized Business Education 
    • 2+ Years to Complete 
    Private Consulting 
    • $10,000+ 
    • Time to Complete?
    The program works on any device
    Study at the office, at home, or on the go
    Career Freedom 
    Time Freedom 
    Creative Freedom 
    Unlimited Earnings Potential 
    STEP ONE - Creating Your Vision 
    "To bring anything into your life, imagine that it’s already there.” – Richard Bach
    This step will take you through creating your vision for your life and career.  A set of goals will emerge and a focus on visualization will be emphasized. 
    STEP TWO - Know Yourself 
    "Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right.” – Henry Ford
    In this step we will explore learning who we are so we can better understand what we need to focus on to be successful Engipreneurs. 
    STEP THREE - Have the Right Mentors 
    "If you want to be successful, find someone that has achieved your desired result and copy what they did".  Toni Robbins
    This step explores the importance of finding good mentors and establishing relationships to help with your success.
    STEP FOUR - Develop the Right Mindset 
    "You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really look fear in the face."  Eleanor Roosevelt
    You need to develop the right mindset to handle the challenges that come with being an Engipreneur. 
    STEP FIVE - Develop the Right Soft Skills
    "The effectiveness of communication is not defined by the communication, but by the response." - Milton Erickson
    This step provides intensive training in soft skills development for better communication and overall success. 
    A new era in engineering consulting
    STEP SIX - Develop the Right Business Knowledge 
    "Learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere."
    Chinese Proverb
    This step will educate engineers on how businesses really work.  This is real world knowledge that is not taught in engineering schools. 
    STEP SEVEN - Set up the Right Business Structure 
    "Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision." - Peter Drucker
    In this step, the right business structures will be discussed for the maximum liability protection and the best tax strategies. 
    STEP EIGHT - Have Efficient & Organized Operations 
    "With organization comes empowerment." - Lynda Peterson
    Running an engineering business and numerous projects can be difficult without being efficient and organized. 
    STEP NINE - Effective Marketing Methods 
    "The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing." - Tom Fishburne
    This step will cover all the various methods of effectively marketing and networking for engineering companies. 
    STEP TEN - Execution 
    "The only place where SUCCESS comes before WORK is in the dictionary.” – Vince Lombardi
    This step will summarize how to pull it all together and execute your business at the optimal level.  It will cover the importance of work-life balance for total career success. 
    "Wow! The Engipreneur Academy is a great program.  I wish there was a program like this 20 years ago when I was first getting started with my career and beginning to run my engineering firm.  It would have saved me a lot of time and the countless headaches that I had to deal with."  -  Richard Weber, Owner of Whitson Engineering
    "The Engipreneur Academy is by far the most comprehensive training program for engineers to understand the "real world" business side of our industry.  I think it is a priceless resources for any engineer that is driven to succeed at the highest level of our profession." 
    Bart Ricketts - CEO of Lease, Crutcher, Lewis
    "The Engipreneur Academy is exactly what we are needing in our industry to lead entrepreneurial engineers in their optimal career direction.  Engineers with this kind of business and entrepreneurial training will capitalize on their innovative technical expertise. " 
    Ved Uke - The Club of Indian Professional Engineers
    The business and engineering world is changing, Entrepreneurs are no longer the elite and gutsy few.  In the wake of the recent global recession, many people have chosen to take their careers in their own hands because there is no such thing as job security anymore.  New ways of working are on the rise.  Technology is changing the way we live and work. Small business startups are exploding and the freelance movement is in full swing.  However, engineers have been left behind and have not joined the movement to strike out on their own or know how to work into principal positions in their firms because they lack the business knowledge and training.

    All of us at the Engipreneur Academy want to empower you to not sit on the sidelines any longer and become part of the revolution and be an Engipreneur so you can achieve your life's vision, and succeed in a new business world ready and willing to embrace you.
    Frequently Ask Questions
    Is the Engipreneur Academy a one-time fee or billed monthly?
    We offer both plans.  However, if you choose the one-time payment option, you will receive a significant discount.
    Is there any long-term commitment?
    No.  The PRO Membership is a 3 month program and the future ELITE program will be a 6 month program.

    Is my billing and credit card information safe?
    Absolutely.  The PayPal gateway payment system is encrypted with SSL certification. 
    Is there a money back guarantee?
    Absolutely.   While we offer a free trial membership to see inside our training platform, if you are not satisfied that with our program we will refund your payment.

    “In the end, we only regret the chances we did not take and the decisions we waited too long to make.”  Lewis Carroll

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